Stunt Scooters

Stunts on Scooters for Kids

Kid’s stunt scooters for tricks are built to last and are just asking to be put to the test by great stunts and tricks. As you would expect they feature all the safety aspects and styling you would expect from any kids scooter and they also push the boundaries of design and innovation to ensure that if you can dream up a trick to perform they are more than capable of helping you to pull it off.

kids stunt scooters are a great way to exercise and have fun with friends

The Advantages of Stunt Scooters:

Stunt scooters are designed to handle the risk and daring of a more accomplished and – dare we say it – perhaps more risk taking rider. These scooters don’t have to be used for stunts but the design aspects and elements of their build mean that they handle that little bit extra pain. The teams at the big scooter brands like Razor, MADD and JD Bug will push the prototype designs through every conceivable twist, bump and bang involved in practising and pulling off stunts and performing tricks. These scooters, suitable for children and young adults alike, often have a more rigid and rugged framework, longer and stronger grips, aluminium core trick wheels and quick stop brakes.

Which Scooter to chose for stunt riding and Why?

It’s very hard to pick out a 100% recommendation in a straight comparison test because everyone has a different level of skill, daring, expectation and of course bank balance. To be fair it’s pretty easy to get a pretty professional stunt scooter for less than £100. It’s then pretty quick and easy to upgrade as you hone your skill level. Trick wheels and different types and intensity brakes can quickly give you an extra edge when you’re attempting your new scooter tricks.

Staying Safe:

Whatever level you’re at always put safety first! Always get padded up and even though you might have 2 arms and 2 legs you only get one head so make sure you always wear a helmet too! Lecture over, now go and pull off some amazing stunts and tricks.

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